Minor restoration $25 to $35*
Slightly faded, discolored or torn. No reconstruction of objects or people.

Moderate restoration $40 to $65*
Moderate damage to background...faded, darkened and scratched areas, torn or missing parts of background. Moderate damage to people...slightly faded or dark areas, but no reconstruction of objects or people.

Extensive restoration $70 to $100*
Extremely faded, darkened, and scratched areas throughout. Reconstruction of objects or parts of background Reconstruction of features on face or parts of body. Water damage.


Add or change backgrounds, brighten or darken, enlarge, silhouette, remove red eye $15 to $25*

digital cosmetic surgery $15 and up*
remove blemishes, wrinkles, slimming, etc

collages, remove or add objects or people, posters $30 to $50*

colorize or color correction $30 to $60*
depending on size


If you want prints of your restored or retouched photo. The work will be done at a photo lab on professional photographic paper

4x6 $0.50 5x7 $1.50 8x10 $5.00 11x14 $10.00

*Some prices will vary depending on the work involved

All prices include a scan of your original photo plus a CD with an image of your restored or retouched photo.
For a free estimate please email or snail mail the photo you want restored or retouched.
For more information on sending photos go to the instructions page

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